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Rajinder Saini - Head of Parvasi Radio

Rajinder Saini

Rajinder Saini is the host of the show. Mr Saini is also the chief editor of Parvasi Newspaper and a well known name in the Punjabi community. He is very active member of the community and often raises the issues facing the community. He regularly represents the views of the Punjabi community on a range of matters on OMNI television, CBC and in the mainstream Canadian media.
  • Meenakshi Saini (Co-Host/Associate Editor)
  • Deepak Sharma (News Reader)
  • Sehajpreet K. Jessel-Puri (Graphics and Layout)
  • Guneet Singh (Information Technology)
  • Talwinder Mand (Reporting)
  • Bashir Nasir (Photographer)
  • Rohit Uppal (Accounting/Collections)
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